Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friend Time!

We've all had the feeling. There's always that special friend in your life, but have you ever wanted more? Or maybe you need a new one, because you feel left out. Sometimes it's nice to be in a group. But with so many cliques at school- techy, fashionable, cartoony, plain mixed- it can be hard. Some groups don't even accept new members. But think about it! Sometimes you just need to think about how you're going to go about it.

1. Think about the people around you. What are their interests? Do you have any connections to them?

2. Just say anything! Sometimes, a compliment or just plain hi can spark a new friendship.

3. Remember, this is friendship! Never go by the book, and meld in, because everyone is different. It might not work at first, but if you stay true to yourself, magical things can happen.

Extra #1: Don't get too clingy, as that's the one pet peeve everyone seems to have.

Extra #2: Your new besties might not really hang out with you at first, but eventually you'll earn their trust. Have patience!

Extra #3: Figure out where your friends hang out during Access and Lunch, and remember to go there every day. Just ask!

Extra #4: One of the best ways to bond is to invite someone over, maybe to something happening at your community. Or, take a couple of people somewhere, so that the atmosphere is filled with camaraderie.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Why should I use a locker?

Most schools past the elementary level provide lockers, to aid a student. When I got my locker, I stuck in a stick, and when it came out, it was white! Yuck! Some people are luckier than others. Don't be intimidated though. My friend didn't want to use hers, and her mum had to buy a new bag and binder just because of this. There's a reason we have lockers, so we can ease our back and shoulders. If this hasn't convinced you, think about the health problems you'll experience later in life. Shoulder and back ailments will strike you as you age, becoming increasingly more painful. Here's my plan for Operation Locker Success.

1. Before school
If you can arrive at school a little early, take the opportunity to put in as much as you can into your locker. Only keep as much as you need for your next classes in your bag.

2. Access and Lunch
Put in your previous classes' books into your locker, and take the next set. Repeat at lunch.

3. After school
Take only the things you'll need for homework, leaving the rest in your locker. Then morning time will go on without a hitch!

Extra #1
If your locker is located near one or two classes, no need to take them at the breaks. Just pass through and get them on your way to those classes. I wouldn't suggest leaving them all and getting them on a class-to-class basis though, as the more time you have before the Late Bell, the better.

Extra #2
Many people like to decorate their locker. The easiest way to do this is to measure your locker, and use luxury wrapping paper or locker wallpaper. Some schools have Lunch on the Lawn when parents come, so you can do it then. You can get shelves and chandeliers too, but make sure your wallpaper isn't too thick so you can stick it on. Then put in things like combs if you'd like, and yay! Beautiful locker done!

It's worked for me, and I'm sure it'll work for you! Remember to comment about how this worked, and give me ideas for more posts!

Signing off with a cheers,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey, Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone! I'm Kiwicola, as you can call me! I'm a 6th grader, but if you're in High School or Elementary, that's ok. This guide, hopefully, will help you out no matter what grade you're in. So, why'd I want to create this blog? When I started Middle School, it was hard at first, adapting to an entirely new environment. Everything was different, and I had to learn a lot, the hard way. I wanted to share what I learned with others across the globe, and in the process, learn about other school lives too. Sure, I might not know everything quite yet, but everyday there's something new. We can all help each other, and who knows? Maybe someday this blog community will grow so that we have a World Wide Web, blog style!

Ok. So by now you might be a little curious about me. For example, I bet you didn't know I love sushi, but not eating too much of it. Or that I love anime, but I can't really draw it right now. It's a work in progress.  And, usually soda is off-limits for me. I love science videos, and love being immature-but-serious-when-I-need-to (IBSWTNT- does that work?). Though I kinda like social media, I'm a bit barred from it. Instead, I do online anonymous games. I've got dreams, but they're pretty varied. Either an actress, scientist, or President of the United States! Crazy, huh?  I can't really tell you stuff about where I live, (online safety), which, by the way, is always a good idea online. I've told you, now you tell me! Tell me about you guys in the comments! Your cultures, traditions, and any tidbits that are interesting would be awesome!

So here I am! Ready to guide you all, or teach you something new. I'm always open to ideas, so tell me-Where else?- In the comments! And remember, sometimes, the little people just might have a thing to say, you just have to listen.

Signing off with a cheers,