Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey, Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone! I'm Kiwicola, as you can call me! I'm a 6th grader, but if you're in High School or Elementary, that's ok. This guide, hopefully, will help you out no matter what grade you're in. So, why'd I want to create this blog? When I started Middle School, it was hard at first, adapting to an entirely new environment. Everything was different, and I had to learn a lot, the hard way. I wanted to share what I learned with others across the globe, and in the process, learn about other school lives too. Sure, I might not know everything quite yet, but everyday there's something new. We can all help each other, and who knows? Maybe someday this blog community will grow so that we have a World Wide Web, blog style!

Ok. So by now you might be a little curious about me. For example, I bet you didn't know I love sushi, but not eating too much of it. Or that I love anime, but I can't really draw it right now. It's a work in progress.  And, usually soda is off-limits for me. I love science videos, and love being immature-but-serious-when-I-need-to (IBSWTNT- does that work?). Though I kinda like social media, I'm a bit barred from it. Instead, I do online anonymous games. I've got dreams, but they're pretty varied. Either an actress, scientist, or President of the United States! Crazy, huh?  I can't really tell you stuff about where I live, (online safety), which, by the way, is always a good idea online. I've told you, now you tell me! Tell me about you guys in the comments! Your cultures, traditions, and any tidbits that are interesting would be awesome!

So here I am! Ready to guide you all, or teach you something new. I'm always open to ideas, so tell me-Where else?- In the comments! And remember, sometimes, the little people just might have a thing to say, you just have to listen.

Signing off with a cheers,


  1. I am blueberryb. I do not know much about us school years as I am from the uk . I just started secondary school in sept 2013, it was a big change, I mean a big change. But now I have got used to it . My school has 5 years in it and about 1000 pupils
    Blueberryb , hope you know about my school now

    1. Wow! It must be super cool to live in the UK! I'm glad to hear you're adapting well too! I also noticed you had an Animal Jam profile, so that's pretty cool! See you around!